In this episode we’re joined by Melis Abacıoğlu, the visionary founder and CEO of Wellbees, to explore the pivotal role of employee wellbeing in shaping organizational culture. While investing in employee wellbeing feels like the right thing to do morally, sometimes it’s not as easy to get sufficient manpower or budget to make a real difference.  In our conversation with Melis, we discuss innovative approaches to showcase ROI on wellbeing initiatives, wellbeing initiative options for different budgets, and strategies to expand participation once the initiative is launched.

Melis has an incredible wealth of knowledge on the topic of wellbeing, and shares numerous research, as well as her vast experience, which provide a solid support for her recommendations.

If you’re interested in learning more about how employee wellbeing can drive engagement, productivity, and fulfillment in the workplace, as well as how to even better advocate for, and drive, wellbeing initiatives inside your organization, you have to tune into this episode.

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