In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business environment, organizational culture and innovation are more important than ever. As the economy struggles and companies are faced with challenges, it’s crucial that we keep our focus on how the culture can remain a competitive advantage.

In this episode, we are joined by special guest Daniel Strode, Group Director of Culture & Strategy at Banco Santander and author of the book The Culture Advantage: Empowering your People to Drive Innovation. With Dan we delve into the principles that shape organizational culture and discuss how managers play a crucial role in creating a strong and positive work environment.

These are the data points that we discussed during the conversation with Dan, that we collected from 600 workers through QuestionPro surveys.

How open do you think your employer organization is to change?

Extremely open, we are frequently going through change 43%

Somewhat open, we are not always changing but it’s does happen 30%

Not very open, there is some change but it’s very rare 20%

Not at all open, I feel like we have barely changed at all 7%

How important do you think company culture is to your manager?

Extremely important 39%

Somewhat important 44%

Not very important 10%

Not at all important 8%


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