In this episode of Empowering Workplaces, healthcare executive leadership coach and bestselling author Dr. Lizette Warner joins us to discuss the importance of authenticity and energy in leadership. Dr. Warner shares her background in healthcare and leadership development, and how she came to write her book Power, Poise, and Presence: A New Approach to Authentic Leadership.

She explains the concept of biomarkers and how they can be used to identify the things that indicate a problem in leadership, and emphasizes the importance of taking care of oneself and filling one’s own energy cup to show up authentically in the workplace. We also share an interesting data point: According to a recent QuestionPro Instant Answers Survey, 64% of people feel like they can be their authentic selves at work as a leader. However, 28% of people responded with “somewhat”, 5% said “not really”, and 4% said “not at all.”  Tune in to hear Dr. Warner’s insights on how to cultivate authenticity and energy in your leadership style.

Empowering Workplaces